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Great Greger info on Blood Sugar Control


Check out this website: Its full of recipes specifically designed for households with a vegan/vegetarian living with a carnivore. 

Friends and members of the CHIP Family


January is the month of free, plant-based quick-start programs. A few are below. These programs feature guidance, support, recipes, and education. Enroll in one or all of them.



Here are some free, plant-based quick start programs:


Veganuary is a real thing, it’s in January, it’s free, has recipes, tips, guidance:


Forks Over Knives offers a free January quick start Their site also has wonderful recipes, success stories, and more.


UC Davis Integrative Medicine has a free 21-day challenge that comes with a wonderful, free cookbook:

Here’s a quick start program from PCRM www.PCRM.org

As our new year’s gift to you, we’ve attached two cookbooks plus bonus recipes here:

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